Sectilis Terra

An exceptional wine. A "schist soil" with a southern exposure where the rocks outcrop.

€ 12,50 EUR

A single sorting for this exceptional cuvée (10 hl/ha).

After direct pressing and settling, the must is put directly into oak barrels. Fermentation takes place naturally, without exogenous yeast.

"Sectilis Terra" is slowly aged in barrels for 22 months.

Sectilis TerraSectilis TerraSectilis TerraSectilis TerraSectilis Terra

Serve at 12-14 °C after decanting

Cellaring : 20-25 years

An exquisite wine with noble fish, cooked seafood, or powerful white meats (fattened duck, Bresse poulard...) or slowly matured cooked cheeses (mountain Beaufort, Comté...), dry or semi-dry goat's cheese.

Alone by the fire, or as an accompaniment to smoked fish, game...

Sectilis Terra 2009

« Golden colour with amber hues. The nose combines fruity, mineral and woody notes. The mouth seduces by its fullness, its purity of style, its richness and its freshness. A magnificent wine for gastronomy. »
Gilbert et Gaillard