The Domaine

I planted my first vines in 2000, gradually took on more plots and, following succesive Spring frosts in 2016 and 2017, got rid of others... The life of the winemaker is nerver a long quiet river.

Today, with my eyes still on the stars but feet planted firmly on the ground, our Domaine proudly counts 4.5 hectares of Savennières producing vines.

The spirit of the Domaine

Wine is obviously not one of life's "essentials". Neither is literature, philosophy, music, the quiet contemplation of a flower, an insect or a landscape... Sure about that ?

Taking time to patiently savor a delightful nectar as it emerges, opens infinite space within. May even enlighten the most cynical minds - within the limit, of course.

When shared with friends, the potential for warmth and conviviality captured within a simple bottle is immediately released.

But first there is a long, slow process of gestation...


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