The Work

My philosophy is simple: Help nature’s handiwork to produce well-balanced, authentic wines that express the distinctive character of the Domaine. In the vineyard, expert Benoît, along with seasonal workers, carry out meticulous working methods which they adapt to suit each vintage.

It’s a question of preserving and developing the complex, often mysterious, ecosystems found in the vine’s soil and surrounding environment.

The winemaker is but the conductor of mineral, plant, animal and human ensemble and must play from nature’s musical score to leave their mark.

Enabling the exuberant foliage and grapes of the vine to thrive from the light and warmth of the sun is a laborious undertaking

It requires channeling the abundance of life that erupts on the land in Spring, and continually seeking out the most favorable conditions for the harmonious growth of the vine and it's fruit.

It's not always easy and the weeds sometimes quickly grow...

The main task is to fortify the quality of the soil, by shallow tillage of the land, by growing various winter plants from seed, by cutting out all fertilizer and other products containingchemicals (the Domaine has held an Organic Farming Certificate since 2011), or by introducing domestic animals or encouraging wild animals into the vineyard.

The use of fermented plants, tisanes or tinctures (nettles, horsetail, meadowsweet, yarrow, comfrey, arnica, calendula…), of bio-dynamic preparations, of copper and sulfur in smalldoses, and at times, essential oils, allows the vines to remain healthy and full of vitality.

Harvesting is carried out exclusively by hand with two to four sorting processes depending on the vintage.

And yields are limited to allow for the highest natural concentration of the grape.

In the winery, as in the vines, you’ll find the same dedication.

The grapes are slowly pressed (for 4 to 12 hours) in a pneumatic press without trituration. The grape juices are carefully selected, and only the juice drained first and at the end of pressing, are settled naturally.

Juices from the “heart of the press” go directly into oak barrels, sandstone amphorae, demi-johns and terracotta jars or into small tanks.

Fermentation takes place naturally, using local yeasts from the terroir. No sugar or inputs are added during the vinification or élevage process, apart from a micro-dose of volcanic sulfur.


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