Rich and complex. Warm, shallow soil of green and purple schist.

€ 20,90 EUR

Harvested by sorting - limited yield (18-25 hl/ha).

The pretty, ripe grapes from this specific sorting are destemmed by hand, taking care not to crush the berries. 1/3 of the berries are macerated in a Georgian terracotta amphora for 8 months. The remaining 2/3 of the berries are patiently introduced into the "dames jeannes" to macerate for another 8 months.

At the end of the macerations, the juices are blended in vats and continue their maturation for 12 months. The extracted grapes are delicately pressed by hand.


Serve at 12-14 °C after decanting

Cellaring : 10-15 years

This wine with its smooth tannins and spicy fruit flavours is perfect with poultry (duck, guinea fowl, goose, pigeon...) but also with spicy Maghreb, Indian or Asian dishes. Long-ripened cooked cheeses are also a good choice: parmesan, comté or mimolette...

M 2020

Nose of citrus fruits, exotic fruits with hints of spices. Beautiful substance in the mouth expressing spicy fruits. This wine with its tannic touch expresses its soft minerality and reveals itself to be of great purity.

M 2019

« Light golden colour. The nose feels "alternative" but still within the realms of purity, perhaps with maceration, dry spices, and fruit towards the tropical. Bone dry and rather ample palate, certainly with a slightly tannic presence, well-built with spicy fruit and a long finish. »
Andréas LARSSON, best sommelier in the world 2007.